The Best Songs of 2022 So Far

Our favorite musicians have continued to work in the studio to make quality music despite the bombardment of COVID-19 hardships. Since the outbreak, only catchy tunes and brilliant lyrics have remained constant. Nothing has changed from last year.

Fans were treated to excellent tracks like The Weeknd dance-pop and Kendrick Lamar and Doja Cat hip-hop bangers. Here is a list of the top songs from 2022.

Harry Styles – "As It Was"

In the first track from his Harry's House album, Harry Styles seems to be conveying a lot more detailed narrative on merely how the world flipped upside down for everyone during the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak.

The star's third solo album had a beautiful warm welcome with this surprisingly upbeat single, building just the appropriate amount of expectation for what more pop masterpieces lay ahead. This is the actual magic trick of the song.

When you hear this song, you can't help but turn it up and dance to its synthesized alt-pop beat, "Harry Style," with your arms gracefully flowing. It expresses the inevitable progression of relationships and loneliness.

Anitta – "Envolver"

Brazilian stunner Anitta offers "la combi completa," or the full package, in her first international Number one song, making her the highest-ranking Latina on Billboard's Global 200 chart.

There are the clever lyrics, the widely irresistible reggaeton beat, and the trending dance challenge that works every muscle in the body.

Doja Cat – "Woman"

Doja Cat defines femininity in her lyrics and asserts that she is here to be recognized. Doja's lyrics in "Woman" frequently feature sensuality, sexuality, and passion, which is somewhat typical of Madonna.

She sings about moms, princesses, sexuality for women, and tomboys. Doja is pushing gender limits with her music, and her broad concept of femininity sets up her bigger message.

The first tune on this album, "Woman," is perfect since it informs the listener about what Doja considers feminine. Her versatility in switching between verses with soul, hip-hop, and reggae influences also draws attention to the track's inclusivity.

Doja's "Woman," which is currently her third top 10 hit off of the massive Planet Her collection, is making the Main Pop Girl discussion for 2022 appear increasingly silly.

Lizzo – "About Damn Time"

In her latest song, "About Damn Time," off of her upcoming album, Special, which will be released on July 15th, Lizzo radiates optimism and certainty.

Lizzo amps up the positive vibes and brings the thrills like never before! She gives us all the reminders to appreciate life despite any challenges or hurdles that may arise. Additionally, her wordplay is contagious, making it difficult to not feel comfortable while listening to this newest performance from the Detroit-born singer.

Kendrick Lamar – "N95"

One day after the album was released, Kendrick Lamar released the official music video for "N95," one of the album's best songs. The N95 masks that were advised to the people during the outbreak are referenced in the track's title as a contrast to the hypocrisy and dishonesty of American society. The song begins with a salutation to the "new world" and a catalog of social injustices, referring to the establishment of a new normal.

With a distinct sound and a level of musical depth that Lamar has never achieved before, this song stands out from his earlier efforts. The song is a wonderful example of traditional hip-hop music and is ideal for solo listening as well as performing on an aux with friends.

The Weeknd – "Out of Time"

No one would have guessed that The Weeknd would bring the famous star Jim Carrey in his latest album. But there he is in the "Out of Time" music video as a spooky mad scientist as well as the sultry-voiced presenter of The Weeknd's big single from Dawn FM. But Carrey is welcome in either role, especially when he contributes the sultry 3rd single from Dawn FM by The Weeknd. "Out of Time" has an '80s feelings late-night ballad full of regret which must be one of your top favorites of 2022.

Dua Lipa & Megan Thee Stallion – "Sweetest Pie"

Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion's exquisite collaboration perfectly matched Lipa's sugary vocals and Meg's blazing lines, mixed with a compelling chorus, and served to perfection, giving listeners the ride of their lives. "Sweetest Pie" recipe would be incomplete without the rapper's brilliant yet bitter declaration of feminine power.

Charli XCX feat. Rina Sawayama – "Beg For You"

The third single from XCX's upcoming 6th album, Crash, "Beg For You," is a huge success. It's been steadily rising on the U.K. charts and is likely to be one of Charli XCX's most major releases in the past few years.

It all boils down to the song's very retro feel, which essentially borrows its hook, beat, and melody from the dance floor smash "Cry For You" from September 2008. The tune, originally a thundering heart-raiser, has been transformed into a softer, bouncing wave by Charli XCX and Sawayama. Their voices provide an unexpected and important melodic dimension.

Becky G & Karol G – "MAMII"

Becky G and Karol G came together to give this strong reggaetón feel anthem for their duet. This song happened to become the highest-charted for both artists on the Hot 100 with its number fifteen debut.

The song begins slowly with gloomy guitar notes that suggest it would be a bitter song, yet it suddenly changes into a bouncing, upbeat smash that wonderfully captures the strength you feel after ending a terrible relationship.

Megan Thee Stallion – "Plan B"

In the music video for her single "Plan B," Megan Thee Stallion delivers the heat (while really trashing an ex). The rapper raps her head-bopping rhymes directly at the camera while dropping some major dirt about a previous boyfriend in the video.

Like previous Megan tracks, it has some rough spots, but the main message is one of female empowerment. Although there is plenty of inappropriate language and mentions of sex, the main point of this is to NOT allow these men to treat you unfairly.

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