Donda: Reviewing Kanye West’s Highly-Anticipated Release

Donda, Kanye West's highly anticipated tenth studio album, was released on August 29, 2021. After several delays, it was a joyful moment for fans who anticipated the project with great anticipation. Its first-day performance showed this, which saw nearly 100 million streams on its first day.

Let’s get deeper into Kanye West's newest release album and top tracks.

A Tribute to Mother

"Donda" is a 27-track album dedicated to Kanye's mother, Donda West, debuting during three listening events in two of the country's largest stadiums.

The album may appear lengthy (1 hour and 48 minutes) and comprises euphoric highs to pursue a greater calling. It has some filler tracks, such as the album's opening tune, "Donda Chant."

The entire song is a woman's voice repeating the word "Donda" in the cadence of Donda West's final heartbeats before she died.

Hitting the Charts

According to an article at Forbes, ‘Donda’ dominates the music charts despite mixed reviews from reviewers. Tracks from the album accounted for six of the top ten most-streamed Spotify tracks on Monday 29th, while Donda's whole album charted on Apple Music's list of most-streamed music in the United States, with Donda's 27 songs ranking 33rd or higher.

Religious Aspect

Kanye West's faith aided the pain, remorse, and regrets following the loss of his mother; Christianity and religion were key themes in "Donda."

Titles such as "Praise God," “Heaven and Hell,” "Jonah," "Lord I Need You," and “Jesus Lord” reminds listeners of West's reliance on his faith to help him through the various difficulties that seem to follow him. West's religion is a recurring subject throughout the long-awaited album.

West merges the two sides of his art – on-the-pulse modernism and praiseful Christian ecstasy – into one.


Based on what we heard during the live-streamed listening session, Donda has an excellent lineup of rappers and collaborators like Jay-Z, Travis Scott, Roddy Ricch

Fan Favorite Track Listing for Donda

  1. "Jail"
  2. "Off the Grid."
  3. "Hurricane"
  4. "Praise God."
  5. "Believe What I Say."
  6. "Moon"
  7. "Heaven and Hell."
  8. "Come to Life."

Finally, Kanye West's embracing of his past failings significantly set "Donda" apart, revealing the vulnerable side of the world's favorite egotist.

Whether you think "Donda" is a brilliant mixtape of songs showcasing Kanye's personality or merely a sound signaling that the artist has passed his prime is a decision only the listener can make.

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