The Wammys: Inside Grammy Week’s Most Random, Most Fun Party

Lukas Nelson, Jakob Dylan, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Jewel, Dhani Harrison, Perry Farrell and more salute the Traveling Wilburys at annual party

“Expect the unexpected, because it’s going to get weird,” house-band bassist Austin Scaggs warned the crowd at start of the eighth annual Wammy party on Saturday night in Los Angeles. Scaggs was right in more ways than one; about an hour later, in a sort of Hollywood fever dream, Weird Al Yankovic took the stage and broke from his usual staple of parodies to sing surprisingly tight versions of Tom Petty’s “Breakdown” and the Beatles’ “Savoy Truffle.”

Performances like these are the norm at The Wammys, the pre-Grammy party hosted by BMG, Big Hassle Media and Dark Horse Records and produced by Dhani Harrison and David Zonshine. It’s the antithesis of the famous Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala, which also took place Saturday night. There were no assigned tables and no black tie dress code, and while you might notice a fair number of music executives and producers in attendance, you’ll never see Nancy Pelosi roaming around this party. While the Gala is held in an expansive ballroom in Beverly Hills, Wammy attendees posted up at Dirty Laundry, a dark, sweaty basement bar off Hollywood Boulevard.