A Deeper Look at the Meaning Behind Lady Gaga’s Song “Shallow”

If you’ve shed a tear or two while listening to the soundtrack from the 2018 version of A Star Is Born, you’re not alone. In fact, Lady Gaga, Anthony Rossomando, Mark Ronson, and Andrew Wyatt took home the 2019 Oscar for Best Original Song, “Shallow”.

But what exactly is it about this heartfelt tune that strikes the right chords in our hearts?

Let’s dive right into the song from the deep end!

The Verses

The soft acoustic guitar line that serves as the song’s entrance was inspired by Eric Clapton, and it provides a remarkable melodic contrast to Gaga’s powerful vocals later in the song.

Bradley Cooper sings the song’s opening verse. Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) wants to know if Ally (Lady Gaga) is satisfied with her current situation. Although she is a gifted songwriter, Ally works as a waitress and occasionally performs at bars.

Lady Gaga’s voice debuts in the song’s second verse. Ally is not fooled by Jackson’s intimidating exterior. When he tries to explain the motivations behind his “performance”, she asks him straight up what gap he’s trying to fill. Jackson doesn’t know what to say in response.

The Refrain

Bradley Cooper once again confesses his dismay at being swept away by the good times. “I’m falling/In all the good times I find myself/Longing for change” – this can be interpreted in two ways.

Jackson Maine is a once-promising musician who is now wasting his talent and potential through excessive drinking and wild parties. Yet he can’t deny his growing feelings for Ally. Both situations can be called “good times” in retrospect.

Ally is also the one who helps him through his low points and his desire to make positive life changes.

The Chorus

Gaga truly lets loose in this part of the song. She compares the experience of falling in love to diving into a pool. The deeper end signifies the security of love, while the shallow end stands for the challenges it involves. Jackson and Ally are plunging headfirst into love. They won’t risk injury from a potentially fatal fall to the pool’s floor if they jump in from the diving end.

In the post-chorus, both characters sing the line “In the shallow, shallow” repeatedly. The dominant melody features a descending figure that symbolizes the dips and rises in water and life.

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