Best New Music of Spring 2022 So Far

Live music is finally making a return this year as gigs and festivals get planned around the globe. We’ve got high hopes that they’re going to go ahead according to schedule! There’s plenty of new music that’s gotten released this spring, whether you enjoy it in private or out in the open field amidst a crowd of fellow fans.

From Jazmine Sullivan’s deluxe to Mitski’s new album, spring 2022 has got a lot to offer. If this is any indication for the rest of the year, we’re sure to have plenty of good music ahead of us.

Here are some of our favorite drops:

“Stay Soft” by Mitski

Similar to its predecessors, “Only Heartbreaker” and “Nobody,” “Stay Soft” has an upbeat sound that initially masks its more introspective and sullen themes. However, there’s a reflection on getting hurt and being vulnerable underneath the bouncy façade combined with synthy flourishes.

“Hurt Me So Good” by Jazmine Sullivan

If you thought Jazmine Sullivan’s album Heaux Tales couldn’t be topped in 2021, you’ve got a treat in store for you! This deluxe version, delivered a whole year later, has 10 more stories and songs, with  “Hurt Me So Good” standing out as a soulful story about a love that you aren’t able to give up even when it’s hurting you.

“I Got It” by Ogi

New artist Ogi has made an impressive debut this year, using her air vocals to create a beautiful and soulful groove that boasts a kind of nonchalant confidence, putting her on everyone’s radars as a potential star waiting to shine.

“She’s All I Wanna Be” by Tate McRae

Tate made waves in the music world last year with her song “you broke me first,” and she hasn’t disappointed us with her new release depicting feelings of rejection from a guy that didn’t choose her. This punk-inspired single shows her jealousy of the other girl along with a certain admiration that leads to a feeling of jealousy. Her lyrics target her resentment at the boy who’s put them up against each other.

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