Ed Sheeran’s Music Evolution Over Time

Ed Sheeran is a fan favorite for millions worldwide. He began writing songs in high school and was an indie musician in his early days. He was selling music independently in 2005 but signed a contract with an agency after he gained some popularity in 2011.

Rising to fame and working in the dynamic music industry creates a slight change in a person and their music style that snowballs into a significant change over a few years. Let’s check out Ed Sheeran’s music evolution.

Folk Pop—The Beginning Years

Ed Sheeran made his musical debut in 2011 with his first single, “The A Team.”It wasa big hit, and it established Sheeran’s genre of folk-pop. His earliest songs had the gentle strumming of the guitar, and Ed’s mellow voice coupled with the harsh message of his song would soon resonate with millions around the world. In the same year, he released “Lego House,” a song similar in melody and tone to “The A Team.” It continued his gentle and heartwarming theme of acoustic pop ballads.

In 2011, Ed surprised everyone with a new hit banger, “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You,” that showcased his talent for hip-hop. This song is one of his most upbeat singles, with a fast pace and brazen vibe.

Co-writing Music

After releasing his first four singles, Ed Sheeran rose to popularity and was invited to perform at the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II and the 2012 Olympics in London. He had begun co-writing music with other musical artists like Taylor Swift.

After this, he released an album in 2014. It was a massive hit, and the songs themselves were mellow and romantic. “Thinking Out Loud” became a song that was used for couples’ dances in many weddings. He continued to collaborate with other artists like John Mayer and wrote songs for Justin Bieber.

Hiatus Followed By a Transition to Pop

Sheeran took a year-long hiatus and returned in 2017 with two singles, “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill.” Both singles were well-received and “Shape of You” even won him the Best Pop Solo Performance award.

His style has gradually shifted from folk-pop to general pop. In 2019 he did another collaboration with renowned rappers and pop stars like Cardi B and Bruno Mars. The “No.6 Collaborations Project” was utterly different from Sheeran’s usual style. It was savvier, and many fans felt Sheeran should stick with his usual acoustic pop and emotional songs.

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