How Cardi B’s ‘Invasion of Privacy’ Became a Major Hit

Cardi B is an American dream with a rags-to-riches kind of story that everyone wishes to have for themselves. The Bronx-born talented MC created a social media empire and soaked up the fame from getting a spot on reality TV as an aspiring artist. After her first couple of mixtapes, she made a huge breakout with “Bodak Yellow.”

Strip clubs are considered to be a cultural hub in the world of rap, and strippers themselves are usually some of the best A&Rs—Cardi B pairs the intuition with a smattering of punchy barbs. However, there are still many out there who refuse to accept her talent, and regard her success as an accident.

Invasion of privacy

Those who keep denying her talent are usually led by close-minded individuals who can’t give a woman her due credit for rap, and Invasion of Privacy responds to those skeptics in a showy and brazen, yet vulnerable way. On her outspoken and assured debut, Cardi shifts between strutting promenades, singing ballads, designer trap, and pop-rap. She’s absorbing, curious, and funny, with her rants as mesmerizing as they are biting, invading your space while letting you immerse into her universe.

The tracks

Cardi raps with force and fire throughout the album with all the energy of a star who’s been told to stop shining. She’s an excellent talker, and her voice is like an instrument of its own—wrapping tenderly around every world, her inflections and accent make each syllable snap. She’s able to wield her gifted voice as a weapon, making even the most mundane ideas and phrases seem glamorous through choice phrasing.

A vulnerable side

Each of her verses leaves a huge impact on the listener, with some punchlines able to make you laugh out loud, while others incredibly clever—some are both! She has a diametrical style of writing, with her and her adversary/lover being two separate objects with a relationship that conjures strong imagery.

Her abrasiveness seems like a defense mechanism for the difficulties she’s faced in life, but her raps give you a glimpse of the real her hidden underneath all of the armor.

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