Why Has The Jonas Brothers’ Comeback Been So Successful?

The Jonas Brothers abruptly canceled their tour days all the way back in 2013, and this dark time in the fandom’s history lingered over the next six years, after which they suddenly made their way back into our lives and hearts. Their comeback single called “Sucker” helped them land their very first No. 1 hit, while the album, Happiness Begins also debuted at No.1 on the Billboard 100.

Their Happiness Begins tour did much better than any of their tours in the past, averaging out to around $1.6 million per show.

Did going on hiatus pave the way for one of the biggest boyband eras yet? Here’s all you need to know:

The hiatus definitely helped

According to devoted fans, the hiatus helped the band with their immense success upon returning to the music world. People who thought they would never get to see them again were given a second chance that they didn’t want to miss and aimed to soak up all the opportunities that they could find. There’s something beautiful about reliving your teenage nostalgia through music, especially at concerts thrown by your childhood idols.

Many of their fans from their early years are grown up and have their own careers and families, and they want to relive the life they used to have during the peak of the Jonas Brother’s career while sharing their experiences with their families.

Nostalgia is in demand

Young adults are a sucker for nostalgia—mega fans are rather quick to purchase albums, buy concert tickets, and snap up any new merchandise. Gen X and Millennials want to go and see the artists that they grew up with because it reminds them of simpler times when they didn’t have to worry about a job or family.

Their impeccable timing

While nostalgia’s important when it comes to a band’s success post-hiatus, the timing is important as well. The longer an artist hasn’t played or a band hasn’t been together, the more the demand builds up, and the more excitement there is when there eventually is a reunion. While fans would say that six years was too long for them to wait, it’s relatively short compared to other artists who’ve done similar things, such as the Spice Girls.

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