Why Do Some People Like Dubstep Music?

Ever wondered why several popular musicians, like Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Pitbull, Lady Gaga, LMFAO, and Jennifer Lopez, have recently released dubstep- and dance-oriented albums?

With its roots in the late '90s, dubstep helped propel electronic music into the mainstream about 2010. Some people find it intolerable, calling it a messy mix of carelessly compiled sounds, while others never seem to get tired of it.

Here's why people across the world love listening to this eclectic music genre:

Electronic influences attract metalheads

Most metal and hard rock fans also enjoy dubstep. Dubstep shares a similar tempo and mood to other electronic dance music (EDM). Bass drops are to dubstep what breakdowns are to metal music.

Many non-pitched tones tend to be in minor keys. Since dubstep sounds a lot like rock, it has attracted many listeners who wouldn't normally listen to electronic music. This is why artists like Skrillex are collaborating with metal acts like Korn. 

People enjoy the surge of adrenaline

Dubstep songs have a lot of energy and excitement, and they really get your blood pumping. It is undeniably among the most blaring, bold, and defiant dance music genres. Dubstep fans particularly enjoy headbanging to the electronic beats and completely immersing themselves into a song.

Every major music festival now features at least one dubstep or similar act, and there are entire concerts and festivals devoted to the genre. In fact, many performers incorporate a Dubstep track into their show for the high energy and refreshing change of pace it carries.

Dubstep is trendy

Many people like the refreshing experience of listening to electronic music. All forms of electronic music are quite popular in Europe. Electronic and house music performers are as popular as rock musicians in several Western European countries.

For instance, the Swedish producer and DJ Avicii is the musical counterpart of Lady Gaga or the Foo Fighters in the US. As a result, most commercially successful music released during the past three years was using club beats and this trend slowly spread to the US.

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