A Deep Dive Into Ed Sheeran's First Studio Album '+'


A British singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran – got his fame from his hugely successful debut single 'The A-Team.' It is now been over a decade since his debut album, yet + (plus) is still one of his best-sellings albums yet. Ed's + (plus) was released when he was only 20-years-old. When the whole tracklist was announced on September 9th, 2011, two tracks from the album were released and received a lot of attention from music fans worldwide. Let's have a journey back to his most successful album.

Album Insight

Atlantic Records and Asylum Records released Ed Sheeran's first studio album + on September 9th, 2011. Sheeran's album + has a total of 19 songs and is widely considered a great success. It outlines the various pop subgenres Ed pursued, including hip-hop, folk ballads, and acoustic music.

The two songs, "The A-Team" and "You Need Me, I Don't Need You," successively made it to the top on the UK Singles Chart, piqued media attention. The album's third single, "Lego House," followed the commercial success in the UK chart. And throughout the year, three further singles—"Drunk," "Small Bump," and "Give Me Love"—were all of which also made the UK Singles Chart top 25.

Fan Favorites From +

"Give Me Love" is one of the most popular songs on the album. Sheeran created the song about his desire for love but being unable to find it. Although the song is a ballad, Ed Sheeran's vocals astound his listeners.

"Lego House" is another relaxing, well-liked song of +. It's a song about a breakup that incorporates a lot of figures of speech. Simple words and soothing melody with acoustic guitar make for an authentic and uplifting love song. This song is about being in love yet also not willing to be wounded again. Many listeners were also surprised to see Rupert Grint, the Harry Potter actor, in the song video!

"The A-Team" is a folk ballad that tells a story about a girl who is hooked on drug addiction (Class A substance) and prostitution. After visiting a homeless shelter and hearing some of the experiences of people's lives, Sheeran wrote the song.

"Kiss Me" is such a beautiful track with a sweet tone. Two closest friends who fall in love are the subject of the song. The guy is the one who falls first, followed by the girl. Sheeran's godparents were the inspiration for the song.

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