Why Women Are Obsessed With Beyonce

Beyoncé Carter-Knowles is a feminist hero, a fashion icon, and holds a strong voice in her community. She currently has one of the largest fanbases around, with the “Beyhive” being famous due to their tendency to passionately clap back at critics online. But what exactly do her copious fans love so much about her?

Here’s all you need to know about this revered figure:

She’s a feminist

Beyonce is more than a musician or singer—she’s a symbol of femininity and women, culture, and aspiration. She makes females feel empowered through advocating for equal rights, which you can hear in her music as well. With songs like ‘Flawless,’ ‘Who Run The World,’ and ‘Diva,’ there’s no doubt about her thoughts and opinion regarding a woman’s worth in this world.

She also tends to delve deeply into racial and societal issues affecting women, which many celebrities are often too scared of exploring due to the possibility of backlash. She also expresses many of her womanly desires in her music, such as those of being loved, being sexual, and being angry at a cheating partner. Women deal with these problems every day, and she connects with them through her songs by sharing that she suffers along with them.

She’s a wife, mother, and mogul

While Beyonce advocates for colored women, she mainly serves as an inspirational symbol for women overall. She’s more than just a megastar—she’s also a mother and a wife. Her marriage to Jay-Z is considered to be Hip-Hop royalty—they’re the ultimate couple when it comes to a private but powerful relationship.

The average woman wants to get married and fall in love or start a family, and Beyonce isn’t any different. However, she’s also a mogul who’s running an entire empire and doing the absolute best for herself.

She openly talks about black culture

Beyonce has always been vocal about her pro-black sentiments, especially since she became a superstar. With tracks such as ‘Brown Skin Girl’ and ‘Formation,’ she talks about black skin, appearance, and lifestyle while owning her own blackness by highlighting physical features that haven’t been viewed as appealing according to history.

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