Cigarettes After Sex Break Down' Cry'

Cigarettes After Sex reintroduced passion to indie rock via 'Cry' – an album that, with the unrivaled "Apocalypse" and flowing fantasies like "K," offered a surprising touch of passion to a relatively traditional environment. Cry is packed with moodier, subtler, and more otherworldly tracks, expertly melting into the tracks like "Kiss It Off Me," an intoxicatingly warming embrace of a tune that may have welcoming hands. On the melodic, tenderly touching "Heavenly," Gonzalez reflects the longing tone of his music. Here's what you need to know about the sophomore album review by Cigarettes After Sex.

Intriguing Lyrics

The album's title song, "Cry," has an intriguing verbal interplay. It is Gonzalez's most personal work, revealing two very distinct aspects of his personal life but in the same beautiful, dreamlike musical style. Gonzalez portrays the story of a guy who can't commit which is bathed in rich electro sounds and lush and lazy guitar chords.

Sugar-Coated Lyrics

'Falling In Love' sets the tone for several of the tracks on the album. The overall lyrics in the album tracks are too sugary coated and have a very teenage touch to them. It is a beautiful reference to long-term relationships.

On the other hand, the song' Hentai' displays an almost wild and uncensored storyline that addresses concepts of death and sexual fantasies, and it all seems captivating. It is a lovely portrayal of the deep, darker, and wild ideas that we experience if we're in love. It's a beautiful depiction of romance, important to the album's concept of passion, sensuality, love, and a standout track.

Melancholic and Nostalgic Feeling

"Don't Let Me Go" is a ballad about a former lover who has passed away and is therefore not forgotten. Since it is so melancholy, the track is breathtaking, particularly with the backing guitar riff, which will leave you feeling nostalgic and peaceful. This song nicely creates the tone and vibe for the whole album.


"Cry" is a slow, musical meditation on love, romance, longing, and sex. With only nine tracks, "Cry" is a short, near-perfect compilation, and while the album doesn't reflect a dramatic transition in music style from the prior songs, Gonzalez somehow makes it pleasurable to listen to.

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