Billie Eilish’s Biggest Billboard Hits

Billie Eilish has quickly risen to stardom to become one of the most influential and popular artists of this decade, mostly by staying true to herself and her music. The young star initially broke out with bedroom pop inspired by beloved artist Lana Del Rey, but she truly cemented her spot in history with her dark, inventive album Where We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

Here are some of her biggest hits on the charts:

 Bad Guy (2019)

The biggest hit from her darkest album, Bad Guy, was a defining moment in Eilish’s career, especially since she was barely even out of her teenage years. The cool, confident tone and lyrics laced with sarcasm are something that any listener can vibe along with. Bad Guy has more than 2 million chart sales and is one of her most-streamed songs! The numbers are no surprise with how catchy and well-written the song is.

Lovely (2018)

A beautiful collaboration with star Khalid, Lovely makes up the lead single for Netflix’s 13 Reason’s Why soundtrack in the second season. The track has more than 1.12 million chart sales in the UK alone—it’s no wonder when the ghostly tune leaves haunting chills and a sense of nostalgia in your very bones. The song has been extremely well-received all over the world and is frequently covered in musical talent shows as a way to impress judges with the vocal range required by this track,

When The Party’s Over (2018)

When The Party’s Over is a piano ballad that’s stripped from the usual hip-hop beats and sinister flourishes that defined Eilish’s first-ever album. It’s carried by its gorgeous and eye-catching video that really instills the pain carried in the lyrics into the listener’s mind.

Ocean Eyes (2015)

This understated and lo-fi debut single is reminiscent of Lana Del Rey’s Video Games in its strategy. It remains an intriguing and glittering entry into Eilish’s world even though it only reached Number 72 on the Official Singles Chart in the UK. This beautiful balladesque song depicts a blue-eyed lover whose enchanting orbs can make any of us fall in love.


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