Best Mariah Carey Albums - Top 4 List

Mariah Carey – an American songwriter, singer, and actress, is a music legend with one of the world's best vocals. She's worked in the industry for almost thirty-one years and has a long list of accomplishments. Here are her top-rated albums to check out today!

Butterfly (1997)

Butterfly is most known as a representation of Mariah's professional and personal transition, but it's also a presentation for tracks that, independent of their personal significance, demonstrate the singer's talent for brilliantly drawn storytelling.

Butterfly has a genuine and sincere feel about it. It has its popular elements, but it is unmistakably an album written to communicate her actual feelings. Many vocalists lack the courage to forego financial success in favor of genuine feeling. Mariah's creativity shines through on this album.

Daydream (1995)

Daydream is a great record that doesn't require any explanations. But what is frequently overlooked is the significance of this album in Mariah's development as a musician and its influence on hip-hop. This was the record that started her experimentation with hip-hop aspects in her music, which led to some surprising collaborations with outstanding outcomes. Mariah found a new voice, hip-hop earned new commercial power, and we were all rewarded with great classics.

Daydream feels highly planned, as it contains three of Mariah's best singles. It appears to be nearly too wonderful. This record sounds like something to which a vocalist would devote their entire career. It's a musical masterpiece!

Emotions (1991)

Emotions, Mariah's second album, showcases her voice in all of its capabilities. The songs also vary in tone from melancholy to cheerful, making for a fascinating listening experience. This album also has a jazzier feel to it!

MC's sophomore album set the standard for the rest of the decade with flawless vocals and blockbuster ballads. With Emotions, Mariah was able to move away from her pop background and explore her gospel origins to tremendous success. This album demonstrated that she could do it all.

The Emancipation of Mimi (2005)

This album was Mariah's commercial return, and it featured the smash song "We Belong Together."It is a well-crafted album featuring several tracks that have the potential to be a classic success. Everyone must listen to this iconic album at least once in their lives. And, somewhat more crucially, it's the record that made Mariah a household name among a new generation of R&B lovers. is the best album rating site that has covered all the newest celebrity news as well as in-depth album reviews for well-known musicians like Aretha Franklin, Meek Mill, Cardi B, and more. We've got you covered if you're searching for more news about your favorite artists.

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