Marshmello’s Rise to Fame

Marshmello has achieved worldwide fame while sporting an enormous white helmet hiding his face. The DJ has performed as a headliner at electronic dance music (EDM) events, including the Champions League’s opening ceremony.

Not only has he held the WWE 24/7 Championship, but he has also been a mainstay on the Billboard charts, ranking among the top 10 of DJ Magazine’s annual list of the world’s 100 best DJs year after year.

Even though the DJ is constantly in the spotlight—thanks to his meteoric climb to fam—his journey to the top might shock some listeners. Here’s how the DJ skyrocketed to fame so quickly:

A Pat on The Back by Skrillex

The rising popularity of electronic music has inspired a new crop of aspiring disc jockeys. Gaining street cred and a following is a necessary step on the road to stardom, but success is no guarantee unless you put in a lot of time performing at low-key concerts like bars and parties. For Marshmello, however, the journey was different.

It all started in 2015 when Marshmello first began posting music on Soundcloud. He laid a more pop-oriented atmosphere on top by incorporating Trap beats in his songs. After Skrillex reposted his hit, “Find Me”, the box-headed DJ received praise from Zedd, Diplo, and other big names in the industry.

Getting this kind of support may have been the turning point in Marshmello’s career. He quickly became popular and climbed to the top of the charts. By 2018, he had risen to the ranks of the world’s top 5 highest-paid DJs. As 2018 came to a close, Marshmello was featured on the cover of Forbes and the magazine’s 30 Under 30 list.

Marshmello’s Iconic Collabs

Marshmello followed up his early breakthrough with the release of his debut studio album, Joytime. Next came Joytime II in 2018, then Joytime III in 2019, and finally Shockwave in June of 2021.

The DJ’s biggest successes have come through collaborations with other creative minds. Marshmello made his claims to fame with hit tracks like “Alone,” “Keep It Mello,” and “Silence,” which features Khalid. Several of his tracks, including “Wolves” featuring Selena Gomez, have been signed to major record labels. His logo and trademark headpiece have become widely recognized throughout the music business.

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