Niall Horan Calls Taylor Swift 'One of the Greatest Songwriters of Her Generation'

Niall Horan joined Zane Lowe via FaceTime on Apple Music on Wednesday (April 8) to discuss a variety of topics and a number of his famous friends.

He shouted out Taylor Swift in particular, noting that she's "just one of the greatest songwriters of her generation."

"I sometimes will sit here and I'll play some chords and then I'll go, 'What would Taylor do right now?'" he continued. "I actually said it to Taylor. It was her birthday and I sent her an email and I was like, 'There's very few artists around now that you could say that, when you're sitting writing a song, you're like, 'What chord would Taylor choose now? Would she go minor? Would she stay it a bit straighter?'' Taylor Swift is one of those and she deserves everything she gets."