Best Justin Bieber Songs of All Time

Justin Bieber was a fresh-faced young man from Canada who took the world by storm following his rapid rise to fame due to his gentle vocals and charming looks. Each new release by Justin Bieber has kept his fiercely loyal fanbase on his side while turning even more people into avid admirers. The former teen idol has won the respect of many due to the longevity of his career as well as his long line of fabulous singles that have kept dominating the charts since 2009.

Here are some of his best songs:


“Sorry” was part of Purpose’s second promotional cut. Its funky and fun tune impacted fans and critics alike, with no one being able to get the catchy bop out of their heads for weeks. A performance of this song at the 2016 Brit Awards went down as one of Bieber’s greatest successes in his entire career.

I Don’t Care

Duo-ed, along with pop sensation Ed Sheeran, the two stars came together to create this masterpiece featured on Ed’s fourth album. The song was teased by both artists way ahead of its release in 2019 and instantly jumped to the tops of international charts. Hopefully, this isn’t the last time these two icons work together.

What Do You Mean?

There are rarely any album launches that are better than Bieber’s kickoff for the Purpose campaign in the form of “What Do You Mean?”—released in 2015’s autumn. Listeners can tell that things have changed in this pop and house classic. The song’s erotic and edgy video was incredibly matched by a catchy melody that’s impossible to stop listening to and a credible dance that truly left a mark. This massive No. 1 was a critical success around the world.

Love Yourself

Penned down by Ed Sheeran, this ballad is stripped back from the usual heavy dance and pop cuts, transforming Bieber into a more mature artist who can show his fragile and gorgeous vocals in a melodic riff that leaves the heart aching.

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