Top 7 Evergreen Rihanna Songs

Rihanna is the biggest entertainer in the music and beauty world and has an estimated net worth of $1.7 billion. While much of the value comes from her brand, Fenty Beauty, we shouldn't forget that she has been churning pop hit tracks for more than ten years.

Rihanna has won several MTV, AMA, and Grammy Awards. She has released albums and singles that have topped Billboard Hot 100 chart. She's sold more albums than many artists in the industry ever did.

Let's take a look at some of Rihanna's most popular and evergreen hits:

Man Down

'Man Down' is one of the top Rihanna R&B tracks that became famous among her pop acolytes. The track also had a controversial music video that revolved around the narrative of a woman who killed her assaulter.


'Disturbia' was released back in 2008 when Rihanna was rumored to be with Chris Brown. The song was written by Chris Brown, who wanted a female lead on the track.

While many speculated that the song is about Brown's personal life, he later confirmed it wasn't based on his personal experiences. This single won Rihanna the WRJ Award and was also nominated for Grammys.

Hate That I Love You

'Hate That I Love You' was a single from the album Good Girl Gone Bad. The track resonated with many fans as the story was about being in love with someone who keeps hurting you.

This song was on the  Hot 100 chart for over 25 weeks in the US.

What's My Name

'What's My Name?' is from the album Loud is arguably Rihanna's best and most successful work. The track became certified platinum after only one week from its release.

The song is also accompanied by a music video that features Drake. The music video shows a romantic encounter between the two superstars.  

Don't Stop The Music

'Don't Stop the Music' is yet another famous song inspired by Michael Jackson's Mama-say, mama-sa.

It's the third song on her album Good Girl Gone Bad. The bouncy melodies and catchy lyrics are the reason behind the song's success. This track stayed on number 3 on Billboard Hot 100 for a week. It was also nominated for a Grammy; however, it didn't win the award.

Love the Way You Lie

Love the Way You Lie is a collab between Rihanna and Eminem that was called the best track in all of 2010. The track sold more than 12 million copies in America and had five Grammy nominations.


'Umbrella' was a track from Good Girl Gone Bad. It was ranked number one song of 2007. The track won several awards, including AMA and MTV awards.

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