The 2021 Music Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

No matter how old, every culture has had some notion of music in it. The music industry is booming today, with its revenue reaching 23.1 billion USD today.

Either you or someone from your friends and family must surely be a music fan. This coming Christmas, you can surprise them with a compilation of some of their favorite artists and albums.

Here are the best albums you can gift your loved ones for Christmas.

Sour by Olivia Rodrigo

Usually, artists incorporate their feelings fresh from a breakup into their albums, but Olivia jumped onto the next scene in “Sour.” This album combines pop and pop-punk to relay how teenagers feel when parting with someone they love.

It talks about the angst and how the singer feels = losing control because she wants to vent her frustrations on her ex’s new girlfriend. The message of the songs transition to how she’ll take control of whatever comes her way with a chaotic approach.

Foo Fighters’ Medicine at Midnight

The good old Foo Fighters made a comeback with their 10th album, “Medicine at Midnight,” in February 2021. Their classic rock music still resonates with adults and youth today. This album is more upbeat than their usual music. It was written before the pandemic began, but its meaning can apply to pandemic times.

It’s supposed to represent people’s desperation to be healed in trying times.


Happier Than Ever by Billie Eilish

“Happier Than Ever” is about Billie’s own experiences as a famous artist whose fame is starting to get suffocating. It’s about ignoring phone calls, discretely avoiding stalkers and paparazzi, and having her thoughts and actions constantly under the spotlight.

Her previous album had darker tones, and her voice was the focus in her songs, but this time, it’s about the singer confronting her problems.

Selena Gomez’s Revelacion

This isn’t the first time Selena has sung in Spanish. All the songs are catchy with a great rhythm that you can dance to. The album is about love songs ranging from a harmless, innocent crush to bringing back an extinguished flame. The songs go on to reveal that she has moved on from her love.

Her breathy voice makes it sound like she’s sharing long-held secrets. If your friend or family member is a fan of Selena Gomez, then you should buy this album for them.

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