4 Rudely Underrated Taylor Swift Songs That Deserve Better

Taylor Swift has been releasing absolute bangers one after the other, and we’re living for it. However, after listening to all her latest music, “From The Vault”, you can’t help but wonder what gems you’re accidentally missing out on due to a lack of hype surrounding them. There might not be enough time for every single one of her songs to get the recognition that it deserves, but some of them definitely deserve more attention.

Here are some of her most underrated songs:

“Better Than Revenge” (2010, Speak Now)

Better Than Revenge brings out some strong rock elements that greatly differed from Taylor’s other songs during this time. The song isn’t afraid of coming off as confrontational and bold—qualities that appear more often later on as the singer matures and dabbles in different styles.

“Ivy” (2020, Evermore)

Evermore left listeners falling in love with Taylor’s lyrical genius and smooth vocals throughout the album. One of the most underrated songs, however, was Ivy. It has a certain ethereal quality that makes you picture a stone cottage that’s getting overwhelmed by the amount of ivy growing on the walls—a perfect metaphor for a love that can’t stop.

“Change” (2008, Fearless)

Fearless gained its popularity through songs such as “Fifteen”, “You Belong With Me”, and “Love Story”, but the “Change” is an overlooked beauty that highlights Taylor’s maturity at that stage of her life. It’s a great contrast to the usual coming-of-age issues with boys who hurt her. It’s easy to look back at this song and realize that they weren’t always about boys and love—it’s something that grew with us and our understanding of life over time.

“Betty” (2020, Folklore)

One of the most notable features of Folklore is how songs such as “Betty”, “august”, and “cardigan” tie together to create a single narrative. But Betty is a notable song that stands out even beyond that point of novelty. It’s written from a male’s perspective as he regrets his mistakes in his relationship with Betty, providing a top-notch narration of a 17 year old boy who made too many mistakes.

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