If You Are A Big Time Taylor Swift Fan, Listen to These Songs


Taylor Swift has been an incredible singer and songwriter since her childhood, and the years have only refined her music further. She’s made her mark on history as a guitar hero, record-crafter, performer, and all-around music mastermind, with songs that can leave you craving a last kiss or thinking about all your bad blood.

If you’re a big Taylor Swift fan, you’ve probably already listened to all her top hits. Here are some beautiful and unappreciated hidden gems that deserve more attention:

Big Red Machine - Renegade (feat. Taylor Swift)

Justin Vernon and Aaron Dessner’s band Big Red Machine create an album featuring Taylor Swift in 2021, and she’s once again proved her lyrical genius with this beautiful song about dealing with an emotionally unavailable lover.

Written right after finishing Evermore, the musician calls out her imaginary partner who needs to “get his shit together” so that she can love them—a drastic difference from the usual fairytale love and stories of heartbreak. The relatable track is framed so that the person she’s addressing is forced to confront themselves and fix themselves to fix the relationship.

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever - Zayn and Taylor Swift

Initially released in 2017, this beautiful collaboration between the two musical giants left millions of fans breathless. The track was released for the film Fifty Shades Darker, utilizing Zayn’s beautiful falsetto and Taylor’s raspy notes to give a seductive tone that fits the theme of the film. Co-written by Swift, the song debuted at number one on Billboards’ Hot 100, with an engaging melody throughout that increases in intensity as it reaches the end.

It’s the perfect song for lovers who crave each other’s presence even if they’re not the best fit for each other.

Beautiful Ghosts – Taylor Swift

Beautiful ghosts was written for Tom Hooper’s Cats movie, quickly rising the ranks and getting celebrated as an ideal lyricist for Broadway composer Andrew Lloyd Webber. The slow and haunting melody talks about a broken dream and slowly transitions to a joyful tune that follows the main character’s realization of love for her own life.

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