Billie Eilish Songs Ranked

When we hear Billie Elish, the first thing that pops up in our mind is "Dark, ambient, and a little jazzy" music that completely changed the course of the music industry. Billie Elish is among the few pop stars who did not follow the path laid down by rather old-school stars but created a new one that so many others are already following. This 13-year-old began working on songs with her brother Finneas and started her unique path in pop music.

Billie Elish is not just your ordinary pop musician but a tour de force of "I live my way, and you do you." Although her first release, "Ocean Eyes" in 2015, was a super hit, her second studio album, "Happier Than Ever," swept everyone off their feet and showed the maturing of her musical journey. In all this, Billie Elish is one of those few music artists who didn't lose sight of who she is at her core with all the success she gained.

That's not it. Billie Elish, although she began her journey with her big brother, who is also co-writer and producer of her songs, did not stop after one hit. We have jotted down a list of 07 Billie Elish ranked songs that opened the eyes of the world to new music:

#07 Male Fantasy

On her second album, Happier Than Ever, Billie Eilish sought to establish a few points. In the last song, "Male Fantasy," she clearly states each of these ideas. Eilish begins the song by criticizing porn while playing acoustic guitar in a traditional way. But then she starts thinking about old acquaintances and lovers, the ones she can't shake from her mind, and she starts to question if much of her own life is simply a dream. Her specialty is songs that creep up on you and emotionally devastate you.

#06 Bury A Friend

To refer to "bury a friend" as a track seems almost simplistic; it's much more of a cinematic experience that shows Eilish at the height of her abilities. She is the monster under your bed—a manifestation of the deepest recesses of your subconscious—and an experiment in dread. Eilish enjoys converting comfort into cramped areas by smudging vowels and shattering consonants on her lips. From start to finish, she grips the listener by the collar while describing our voyage through a curdled dreamscape of textures with her somnambulant, serpentine hissings. You can hear glass breaking when Eilish sings "walk on the glass," and a staple gun shock can be heard when she sings "staple your tongue." A sword is drawn, you hear cries of someone and find yourself asking - who else is there? Your trip, turn and stumble over beats you couldn't anticipate as she shocks the listeners with shape-shifts into a different nightmare. The rulebook has now been incinerated.

#05 "Lovely" ft. Khalid

Both Billie Eilish and Khalid achieved popularity as mumbly-voiced high school students curated the teenage wasteland into bold, undiscovered countries yet to be conquered. This duet from the second season of 13 Reasons Why's soundtrack, which is an ode to the happy-sad sensation of owning your own depression, makes perfect sense. Finneas' desolate piano and distressed string arrangements, as well as Eilish's freed-up high notes that flutter arrestingly over the wonderfully bleak musical environment, are accompanied by Khalid's melancholy groans.

#04 'My Strange Addiction'

Only Billie Eilish could give a song a title from a show where characters eat glass and compulsively collect dolls, mix in a few dialogues from "The Office," and somehow craft a romantic obsession with a sexy, dark tune. The song "My Strange Addiction" parodies a highly meta episode of the 2011 sitcom "Threat Level Midnight" about fictitious secret agent Michael Scarn, played by Steve Carell's Michael Scott. When we were creating the track for "My Strange Addiction," Eilish said, "It reminded me of the music they play when they perform the Scarn dance." "We basically simply snagged the audio off Netflix and placed it in the song because I thought it was incredibly amusing.

#03 "Bad Guy"

There is no doubting "Bad Guy's" dominance in the music business, even if "Copycat" is undeniably deserving of respect as the precursor to this song's unavoidable popularity. The song was Eilish's sole number-one success, and it spent 49 weeks on the Billboard charts. We shall never again think about mainstream music or the originality that musicians may have when they deviate from the norm, thanks to the deep bass and overall strangeness that gives this song life.

#02 "I Love You"

Hear me out: "I Love You" is neither a chart-topper like "Everything I Ever Wanted" nor a record-breaking success like "Bad Guy." In fact, it shares the same amount of heartbreak as "Listen Before I Go," which is why it's so powerful while being underappreciated. The iconic ballad that caused Eilish to cry at her 2019 New York concert is one of those timeless Billie tunes that every fan would agree deserves a position on this list. Billie Eilish's song is a wonderful meditation on bewilderment in which she tries to make sense of the fact that someone loves her even though she doesn't want to hear it. To make matters even more confusing, she also loves the person even though she doesn't want to.

#01 "Ocean Eyes"

Did you really believe that the song that catapulted Eilish into popularity wouldn't be on our list of the finest Eilish songs? Without a doubt, one of her finest songs is still her 2015 breakthrough hit. The production, the text, and the singing. This song essentially contains all you could ask for in a longing love song.

This song became her breakout hit and is a gorgeous preview of how evocative her music would eventually be. Finneas originally created the song for his band before handing it to his sister, who was 13 at the time, to perform at her dance performance. The song finally gained popularity on SoundCloud and helped Eilish land a recording deal. Finneas was correct to see that his dream-pop ballad was the ideal fit for his younger sister's evolving musical taste and journey, even though the Eilish-penned songs that soon followed provided a glimpse into a darker vision of pop.

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