A Coronavirus Song Featuring Cardi B Is Going Viral — and May Violate Copyright Law

DJ iMarkkeyz’s dance track “Coronavirus,” which remixes audio ripped from a Cardi B Instagram post, is rising quickly on the iTunes charts

UPDATE (3/16): iMarkkeyz, the producer of “Coronavirus,” has confirmed that he is in contact with Cardi B’s management team, and this story has been updated to include his comments when reached.

Last week, Cardi B began to worry about coronavirus and took to Instagram to zealously announce that “shit is getting real.” As Cardi B videos tend to, her response went viral immediately. Within days, an enterprising producer and DJ named iMarkkeyz had ripped the audio and turned it into the centerpiece of a new dance track, fittingly titled “Coronavirus.” The song was officially released to DSPs on Friday, March 13th; by Tuesday it was Number Nine on the overall iTunes U.S. songs chart.