Drake’s Honestly, Nevermind Review

After a hiatus of about nine months following the release of Certified Lover Boy, Drake is back with his seventh studio album. Honestly, Nevermind has probably taken most people by surprise, despite the internet rumors that circulated in the weeks leading up to the release.

Here are some reasons why the album was a hit and miss, despite Drake’s unrivaled success:

Smooth Blend with Lackluster Lyrics

The album weaves in-house, Baltimore club, and Jersey club over a bleak, washed-out backdrop. It’s sonically distinct from anything else Drake has done. He utilizes his tried-and-true method of making crossovers between genres appear more natural by featuring prominent artists from those genres.

Black Coffee, a DJ from South Africa, and Carnage, an electronic producer better known as “Gordo” in the house scene, both made significant contributions to the production. Like 2017’s More Life, this album is laidback and chill. While all of this has potential, it lacks a certain something since Drake’s writing has lost some of its earlier energy.

Audiences Failed to Connect

Drake’s music seems to be becoming more generic with each new release as if he’s trying to fit into a series of different roles. This album is far from his previous works, where he’d rap about his personal struggles to hip hop beats. The artist who was once able to connect with his audience as a real human being failed to engage listeners with this release. The lyrics are uninteresting, and genres seem to be carelessly thrown together.

Honestly, Nevermind feels like an attempt to broaden Drake’s musical horizons while also breaking through to a new audience and a study in musicology at the same time. Genre experiments were used as fillers in previous works, but here, they are a missed opportunity to spice up the album.

Beats that Blend Strike a Chord

Drake has a history of writing earworms, and the spirit of Honestly, Nevermind is undeniably captivating. Although most of the album is driven by a steady, metronomic beat, it is far from being a boring listen.

From the bed squeak-filled rhythm on “Currents” and the glitchy beat on “Sticky” to the Latin jazz-tinged beat on “Ties That Bind,” the beat selection is top-notch. Even though the album didn’t quite live up to the standards fans have upheld for years, it is still a welcome addition to your 2022 summer playlist.

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