Here Are the Artists Who Inspired P!nk Over the Years

Alecia Beth Moore, known by her stage name, P!nk is an American singer, producer, and songwriter. P!nk used her stage name even before she rose to fame in the industry. The 42-year-old artist is known for her powerful vocals and biggest chart successes like 'Blow Me One Last Kiss', 'What About Us', and 'Just Give Me a Reason'.

P!nk started her journey from a very young age of 14 when she joined a girl band called, Basic Instinct. Soon after Basic Instinct disbanded, P!nk started another band, Choice, with two of her friends. However, it also disbanded shortly, giving P!nk a choice to either strive to become a solo artist or call it quits. P!nk decided not to quit and keep making music.

Let’s talk about P!nk’s last album and the artists who inspired her throughout her music career:

P!nk— Hurts 2B Human

Most of P!nk’s music has been about pain and trauma paired with uplifting beats and catchy tunes. One of her most famous releases, 'Beautiful Trauma', is a vulnerable and beautiful track in which P!nk talks about the pain of divorce, depression, and drug addiction.  

Her 8th studio album, Hurts 2B Human, describes a similar narrative. In the track 'Can We Pretend', P!nk sings, “Honestly, reality, it bores me” but when it comes to digging into why she’s sad, P!nk can get very vulnerable and brazen about heartbreaking realities.  

In some of her tracks, P!nk also explores the theme of motherhood. It's another classic P!nk album that featured Dan Reyolds and other megastars, with amazing anthems full of confidence yet also showing vulnerability.

P!nk on Artists Who Inspired Her

After releasing her album Hurts 2B Human, P!nk shared the names of a few artists who have inspired her professionally and personally so much it affected her physically.

Briefly, after her album’s released, P!nk tweeted, “There’re a few artists in my life that’ve touched me in such a raw place in my heart that it changes the cells in my body.”

Among the artists P!nk adores are Linda Perry, Billy Joel, PJ Harvey, Donny Hathaway, and Mary J Blige.

She also mentioned two other artists who shared a link for their music videos on Twitter. Mentioning Aja Volkman and Dan Epand, the members of the band TWWO, P!nk quoted, “She rocks my f—ing world.”

After recovering from COVID-19 with her son in 2020, P!nk has been using her platform to spread awareness and information about the pandemic and help families in need of relief packages.

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