A Break Down of Adele’s New Album ‘30’

The 15-time Grammy winner, Adele, released her long-awaited album 30 on Friday, nearly six years after her smash-hit album 25 in 2015 – and it’s laced with lyrics about heartache, self-forgiveness, and freedom. Her difficult personal life is explored lyrically and acoustically in this album.

Let’s get a detailed primer on Adele and her current album.

A Brief Background About the Album

Adele withdrew from the spotlight when the 25-period ended, as she had done following the success of her previous albums.

She was preoccupied with her marriage to entrepreneur Simon Konecki and raising their son Angelo, born in 2012.

The announcement of her divorce from Konecki in 2019 prompted rumors that her next album might be an epic divorce record.

Adele has been considered as a music industry savior in addition to being immensely appreciated. It’s straightforward and honest.

You know exactly what she’s saying, and even if you haven’t been through a divorce, you feel every word of it.

Why Must Tracks be Played on Order?

30 isn’t an album that can be played on shuffle. Adele convinced Spotify to eliminate shuffle as the default option for albums before the album’s release to encourage listeners to listen to the album in sequence.

It’s a good move since there’s a lot of purpose and creativity behind this music collection. Following a narrative to explain what will happen emotionally for the rest of the album, Adele focuses on these feelings and explores them further.

Following “My Little Love,” we get the incredibly soulful ballad about letting yourself scream it out without feeling weak.

Adele sings on her experiences as a single woman, making passing references to casual dating and lamenting the discomfort that consistency brings.

Top 3 Tracks on the List

“Easy on Me”

This collaboration with Adele’s longtime producer Greg Kurstin is the smash-hit first track from 30. Adele reflects on her divorce in the piano-driven song.

“To Be Loved”

Adele reunites with Tobias Jesso, Jr., who collaborated on the 25 highlights “When We Were Young.”

It’s a lengthy, piano-driven ballad with strong and contemplative lyrics. “To Be Loved” maybe Adele’s most hypnotic powerful vocal performance in a career full of them – she effortlessly hits the big notes and the minute subtleties.

“Woman Like Me”

On track 30, “Woman Like Me” is at her most enraged and bitter, lashing out at her ex’s complacency and whining attitude.

It’s the ideal diss tune for her ex. Adele’s calmly delivered her comments, making them even more impactful.

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