Blake Shelton has more than a little swagger when he eases into his red chair on NBC's The Voice. That's just one of the ways the show has changed him.

Sure, he was a confident man when he started the show 19 seasons and 10 years ago. But go no further than clips from the television show that got him the job to see how raw he was. When Shelton appeared on Clash of the Choirs in late 2007, he wasn't strutting or offering any version of his signature head point. Someone saw some potential in him, and frankly, that someone should get a big raise for it.

The video below finds nine ways Shelton has changed since he started The Voice, a bona fide hit show now set for Season 20 on March 1. A few are obvious and maybe even a little annoying if you're a die-hard fan of Miranda Lambert and/or Gwen Stefani. Don't worry, we're not getting all tabloidy. This Secret History of Country Music video shows how the television show shaped the man and his music, and it has done both. He also appears on fewer stages in 2021 than he did in 2011; or at least, he would if not for the pandemic. But some things haven't changed. See for yourself: