Taylor Swift albums in order: A complete guide to every song

Taylor has been in the music industry for a long time and has produced and released some of the best albums and songs, earning multiple Grammys. No one can deny the raw talent she has, made obvious with her huge audience of fans called the Swifties. She often relies on narrative lyricism, often inspired by her own experiences, and it has gathered a lot of media attention and critical acclaim.

 The awkward little 16-year-old girl from Nashville who started her career as a country musician is now worth over 400 million dollars and has sold 114 million albums worldwide. But newer fans, who don’t really know about her older albums, or don’t know why the newer ones have Taylor’s version written on them, might need a little more help to navigate the vast landscapes of Taylor Swift’s albums. So, here is a guide of all of Taylor’s albums in order.

Taylor Swift

Her debut album, titled Taylor Swift, was released in 2006 when she was just 16 years old. Shortly after the release, the album took the entire country music industry by storm because that is just how talented Taylor was. The entire album was a mixture of thoughtful songs, extremely catchy ones, and breakup anthems, and this diversity was probably why the album was such a success. The entire album was produced by Nathan Chapman and was released under Big Machine Records. Tim McGraw, Pictures to Burn, Teardrops on My Guitar, A Place in This World, and Cold as You were the first 5 songs on the album that went certified platinum.


Her second album was released in 2008 and then again in 2021. This was the album where she started exploring her producer side and worked together with Nathan Chapman to co-produce the entire album. In this album, Taylor continued to explore themes of love and heartbreak, which would then become some of her signature themes. This album also led her to win her first “Album of The Year” Grammy. This album was rerecorded and rereleased in 2021 by Taylor so that she could regain the rights to her own music, but this rereleased version had 6 brand new tracks, truly a treat for her fans.

Speak now

Featuring amazing tracks like Dear John, Back to December, and Better Than Revenge, Taylor Swift released her third album in 2010. Again, it was co-produced by her and Chapman and explored more mature themes such as the Kanye incident that took place at the VMAs or her romance with John Mayer. Unlike her other tracks, which speak about the heartbreak she felt, she used some of her title tracks to apologize for some of the mistakes she has made, alluding to her relationship with Taylor Lautner. Speak now also had a live recoded version which she released in 2011.


Released in 2012, this album featured some of her most famous tracks like Red, 22, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, and All Too Well. The title of this album perfectly describes this whole album, which is passionate, motivated, angry, and strong. She rereleased the whole album again in 2021 but also rereleased an extended 10-minute version of All Too Well. This rerelease topped all the charts, landing Taylor her 8th straight number one album.


This album was released in 2014, and she kept working with Chapman but also worked with a lot of other industry talents to produce this album. She explored more mature themes in this album, such as having to deal with haters, being stabbed in the back, and heartbreak, as seen in her songs titled Bad Blood, Shake It Off, and Out Of The Woods. This album won Taylor a second “Album of The Year” Grammy.


Featuring iconic bops such as Look What You Made Me Do, this album was released in 2017, and the fans instantly knew that the album was going to be drastically different from her last album. Taylor not only looked more mature, but her music and lyricism were fundamentally different from her earlier albums. She added lines such as “The old Taylor is dead,” which made all the more sense with her biting remarks about people who have wronged her. These lines also implied she had to change because she was “giving too much of herself away,” as stated in the ending notes of her album. This was the last album she released under her old label.


Instead of being bitter, writing about breakups and revenge, Taylor chooses a different route for this album, choosing to write about things she loved instead. This was her first album under her new record, which means that she owned all the rights to her music. All that can be said about the album is that it was bubbly, girly, and fun, but she still talked about some important issues such as IGBTQ+ rights and double standards.


Released in 2020, this album is usually referred to as Red’s older sister because it swerves off the pop the last two albums focused on and focuses on slower piano melodies. This album also contains the “teenage love triangle trilogy,” which features three songs that are written from the perspective of a different member of the triangle.


The album also dropped in 2020, with less than 24 hours’ notice, and is often referred to as Forklore’s sister record. Just like Folklore, the album was broken into different chapters on different streaming sites.

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