The Evolution of Miley Cyrus: Rock and Roll Miley Is Here

Miley Cyrus has created a lasting influence on the world of pop culture via her various transformations, whether you remember her as the youthful star of your favorite childhood TV program or the rebellious 20-something swinging from a wrecking ball.

The musical shape-shifter has released pop, country, hip-hop, and psychedelic albums. As Miley Cyrus prepares to embrace a new rock-and-roll era with her album "Plastic Hearts," let's take a look back at her career.

Hannah Montana

Her debut role as Miley Stewart in the blockbuster Disney Channel sitcom "Hannah Montana" portrayed a fashionable pop diva with a secret life.

Her characteristic musical style was pop with a hint of country, which Disney restricted.

"Can't Be Tamed"

Cyrus's 2010 album "Can't Be Tamed" began her departure from her wholesome child star image.

After this album, Cyrus didn’t record much music and instead focused on acting.


With the release of her studio album "Bangerz" in 2013, Cyrus' wild side fully came to life. Cyrus began crossing over into hip-hop culture in her music and appearance.

While some may believe that this album only symbolizes her insane period, some excellent songs, such as "Wrecking Ball" and "We Can't Stop”, topped the charts.

“Younger now”

Cyrus released the track "Malibu" in 2017, which became a big hit as the first single of her sixth album, "Younger Now," which saw the performer forge a new route for herself while honoring her Nashville origins.

Miley seemed to be still attempting to find herself now, with the release of this album toning down the provocative image she had constructed for herself in prior years.

Ashley O

Miley appeared in an episode of Netflix's short series "Black Mirror," She played Ashley O, a troubled pop singer.

She sings two popular songs in this episode that were eventually published outside of the show.

During this time, she also released the famous song "Slide Away," which depicted her problems with her divorce from Liam Hemsworth.


She's going through her latest change as she embraces her rock-and-roll side. In August, she released "Midnight Sky," a song that explained her divorce – a hint into her rock side. She has sung several rock versions, including "Heart of Glass" and "Zombie," which have since gone popular on social media sites.

On November 27, Miley Cyrus released a rock album, "Plastic Hearts," which hits No.1 on the Billboard rock album chart. Cyrus held the #1 spot for two weeks.

Despite its 80s rock music branding, Plastic Hearts is a bit of a transitory record for Cyrus, which opens up many possibilities for Cyrus' next move, whether it's a musical one or one in which she tries to regain some of her previous records.

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