What Did Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Enough For You’ Mean?

Olivia Rodrigo has been making waves ever since she released her first album, "SOUR" in 2021. The Disney actress turned singer-songwriter is the new teen pop sensation for millions of people globally. And she won her first MTV award for her debut album too!

Olivia takes inspiration from many artists, especially Taylor Swift. Swift and songwriter Jack Antonoff are credited for one of the songs on her album!

With so many groovy tracks on the album, "Enough for You" has been getting quite a bit of attention. The song is about how Rodrigo remembers a relationship and how she and her partner lived through it.

We're deconstructing "Enough For You" to get a close insight into how Rodrigo emerged out of the ashes of her heartbreak. Let's check it out:

- The Verses

The first verse is all about how Rodrigo's been doing and has done everything in her power to please her partner. She's worn more makeup to look like certain girls he'd been attracted to in the past, yet he doesn't compliment her.

The second verse leads with the realization of the fact that he isn't coming back, and she should focus on "winning herself back" instead. Boy, bye.

The last verse is when she's realized that she's too good for him and that one day someone will cherish her and value her as she should be. That's more like it!

- The Bridge

The bridge is when Rodrigo wonders what she isn't doing that would make her enough for her partner. She claims she's read books on self-help, knew his favorite songs by heart, and even knew his coffee order! But that still won't get him to pay attention to her.

Talk about arrogance!

- The Chorus

Rodrigo unleashes her anger on him here. She's realized that he went straight to the next girl he found interesting and that he gaslights her by saying it was her who wasn't satisfied.

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