Our Last Shows: A Look Back at Final Concerts Before the World Went Quiet

From a Nashville relief fest to Celine Dion to Iggy Pop at Carnegie Hall, these shows are burned into our memories as we wait for live music to come back

A year ago, our lives ground to a halt as Covid-19 spread across the U.S. Everything but essential businesses shut down, schools closed, and the music world stopped in its tracks. Tour announcements became tour cancellations, festivals were called off, and those of us who attended several live shows per week found ourselves on our couches, grieving not only the fallout of the pandemic but the loss of one of our greatest comforts: music.

As more and more people across the world are gaining access to vaccines and a glimmer of hope has appeared on the horizon when it comes to the rebirth of live music, Rolling Stone staffers recall the last show they saw before the world stood still.