Here’s How Cardi B Became A Rap And Hip-Hop Queen

Belcalis Almanzar, better known by her stage name, Cardi B, is an American rapper from Bronx, New York. She’s been releasing hit singles since 2015 and has amassed a net worth of 24 million USD.

Her bold attitude on social media gained people’s attention and shed light on her talents. Millions around the world have heard her name and her music, but everyone starts from somewhere. Here’s how Cardi B rose to fame and became a worldwide sensation.

Before Her Musical Debut

Cardi B used to work at an Amish supermarket before she turned to stripping as a source of income at the age of 19. Stripping brought a positive influence in her life, and the money it provided allowed her to escape an abusive relationship and return to school. However, she dropped out of college later.


Instagram Influencer and Reality Star

She became active on social media while working as a stripper and talked about her family, sex, and poverty. She became famous on Instagram due to her fearless discourse and lack of filter.

She was a regular guest at a reality television show, “Love& Hip Hop: New York,” where her interest in music became known. She left the series in 2016 to solely focus on her music aspirations.

Music Career

Cardi B’s career in music kick-started when she got selected as a rookie to collaborate with Shaggy on “Boom Boom (Remix)” in November 2015. Her first music video for “Cheap Ass Weave” dropped two months later, and her first mix tape was released in March 2016 the following year.

Her first mixtape was released while she was still filming on “Love & Hip-Hip.” This allowed her to give a sneak peek of her rapping prowess to fans. Being a reality television star was akin to a stepping stone for her musical career.

In 2017, Cardi B released the second volume of her mix tape and kicked off a successful year. She confirmed her deal with Atlantic Records sometime later in the summer. So far, Cardi B had been going steadily, but when “Bodak Yellow,” her first single with Atlantic Records, dropped, it reached the Billboard Hot 100.

“Bodak Yellow” became the longest-running number-one record by a solo female rapper after 1998. It also won Cardi B three awards from the BET Hip-Hop Awards in October 2017. She got two Grammy nominations and even joined Ashanti and the Beatles in the category of first three Hot 100 Hits in the top 10.

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