Here Are 4 Facts About BTS’ RM That You Need To Know

The BTS fandom is rapidly growing day by day. The Korean band’s impeccable skills in dancing, singing, and rapping have won many hearts around the world. New fans might be unaware that BTS has a group leader that makes most of the pivotal decisions regarding the band and its future. Kim Namjoon was the very first member of BTS and was made the worldwide sensation’s official leader!

Here are some of RM’s cutest qualities and quirks:

He’s the tallest person in the group

RM’s height is a notable factor that greatly influences his overall attractiveness. At around 5’11”, RM is the tallest member in BTS, and many others like Jimin and Taehyung have mentioned that they want to steal some inches from their leader.

He has an IQ of 148

RM has proven on several occasions that his cerebral capabilities far exceed those of the average person. He got a score of 805 on the Test of English for International Communication and has an IQ of 148. He’s often participated in TV show challenges in which he’s solved complex math problems with ease.

He’s spoken at the UN

BTS makes music about accepting and loving every part of yourself. This led to the K-pop group getting invited to ‘Generation Unlimited’—a youth initiative by UNICEF. RM acted as the group’s spokesperson and gave an incredible speech at the New York headquarters of the UN. Namjoon is one of the only members of BTS who is completely fluent in English, and he gave the entire speech while backed by his loyal members.

He’s the group’s spokesperson

Since RM is the only person in BTS who can speak English fluently, he acted as the group’s spokesperson on all their international tours and answered most of the questions that were directed toward the band. He also acts as the group’s translator to help them come up with their own answers.

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