Justin Bieber's Worst & Best Music: Career Timeline


Justin Bieber is surely one of the biggest pop stars that we've ever seen—from a busking teen in Canada to a successful artist who's proven his skills multiple times over, and he's undoubtedly one of the best male vocalists of our generation. Being the youngest solo artist with more seven No. 1 albums brings a lot of pressure with it, though, and Bieber's misplaced his flair and charm on one too many occasions.

After weighing the production value, lyrical quality, critical reception, and listenability—here are some of his best and worst songs:

Best songs

Here are some of Bieber's best songs over the years:

One Less Lonely Girl

"One Less Lonely Girl" was the epitome of Bieber Fever, with the allure and charm of his floppy hair and adorable tween smile capturing hearts worldwide. Super-catchy and heartwarming, it was the beginning of his stardom in 2009.

Where Are Ü Now

"Where Are Ü Now" reintroduced Bieber to the public following bad decisions. It was the perfect reminder of his silky vocals and lovable boyish charm, but more importantly, it made him likable and vulnerable. The song was initially written as a moody ballad on the piano before Diplo and Skrillex turned into the melody we know and love.


A collaboration with The Kid LAROI, this absolute banger was released in 2021. The track is short but leaves quite a few punches during its delivery—it had 'hit' written all over it from the beginning. The intoxicating rhythm blending with the excellent lyrics brings two different perspectives of being in love, with a short electronic breakdown at the end.

Worst songs

Here are some of the worst songs in Bieber's career:

Beauty and a Beat

This collaboration with Nicki Minaj in 2012 is catchy for the first handful of times that you listen to it, but after that, it starts to grate on your nerves. It can also be rather off-putting to hear Nicki Minaj—30 years old at the time—rap about hooking up with Bieber, who was barely 18 at this time.


Released in 2020, yummy wasn't well-received by either listeners or critics. While the verses can sound rather pleasant, the chorus puts everyone off completely. Somebody needed to tell him that repeating the word 'yummy' repeatedly is more likely to come off as cringe rather than cool.


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