Ranking the Track list for Ed Sheeran's 'Equals'

The divide was released in 2017 and was his most popular and successful to date.It was the best-selling album of 2017 and won the Grammy Award for Best Vocal Pop Album. Now Ed Sheeran returned with his fifth studio album Equals, four years after his previous major single. Sheeran's latest album features various musical aspects. It follows the typical pattern of an Ed Sheeran album, with a mix of energetic and emotional songs.

Let's get a detailed primer on Ed Sheeran'stop songs from his album '=.'

Top 8 Songs from Equals


We're all for an acoustic love ballad, but Ed's latest release is among his trendiest songs yet.

The singer shows, as he has in the past, that he isn't merely making idealistic clichéd romantic ballads but that he can occasionally present us a hit that lifts spirits. This song is among the most unforgettable '=' songs.

2.Bad Habits

The song is a mid-tempo pop single that is a catchy tune that has divided reviewers. It went on to reach number one in the UK singles charts. Sheeran has a history of delivering radio-ready blockbusters, and "Bad Habits" is a good illustration of that ability on '=.'

This first single, "Bad Habits," has an immediate impact and quickly becomes one of those tunes that gets stuck in our heads.

3.First Times

The singer's gentle vocals are heartbreaking story - is a good illustration of his songwriting's sensitive romanticism from the start.

The way "First Time" welcomes in the next phase of the singer's private affairs — one that appears to be creating more catchy tracks — is what makes it remarkable.

It's a cliched romantic acoustic ballad that had to be included on his latest album and doesn't fail.

4.Overpass Grafitti

It's a wonderful depiction of Sheeran's potential to make you experience his emotion while also having you stand up, sing along, and dance.

"Overpass Graffiti," one of the album's numerous upbeat pop narratives of longtime love, is among the album's most musically interesting pieces.


"Shivers," which appears to be among the initial songs Sheeran penned for '=.' The pop song is upbeat and able to put listeners in a great mood and have them singing along to the right away.

This is a beautiful, trendy, and irresistible feel-good tune that will be on our soundtracks for a long time.

6.Stop the Rain

This song is Ed Sheeran is at his best and is an undeniable masterpiece for us. This is a bright, lively, and enjoyable song where Ed talks about a battle he's dealing with.

"Stop the Rain" is an upbeat message to fight off doubters, with a fast pace and typical Sheeran foot-stomping tune.

7.Leave Your Life

The song shows us Ed in an emotionally vulnerable state where he sings about his daughter. This anthemic classic is his favorite track on the album; there's a lot of great stuff here – but it wasn't our top pick for the album. The cheerful tune merely adds to the charm of his heartfelt voice.

8.Visiting Hours

After touching our souls with "Supermarket Flowers," a song dedicated to his late grandmother, Sheeran delivers another cry-over song with "Visiting Hours. This track is a genuine and heartbreaking song that sees Ed at his most fragile, dedicated to his late mentor Michael Gudinski, who died earlier this year.

You can practically hear the musician's voice breaking. It's as depressing as it sounds, making it a song to listen to when feeling low.

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