Top 3 Doja Cat Songs

Doja Cat, born as Amala Ratna Zandile Diamimi on the 21st of October in 1995, initially started singing as a teenager who’d release her music on SoundCloud. One of her songs called “So High” got so popular that it impressed executives at RCA Records, who then proceeded to sign her a record deal at the age of 17. Her first album “Purrr!” was released in 2014, eventually followed by “Hot Pink”, which peaked at #8 on the R&B charts.

Doja Cat is viewed as a triple threat who has skilled in dancing, rapping, and singing, and has overcome plenty of controversy over the duration of her career. Here are some of her best songs:

Say So ft. Nicki Minaj

‘Say So’ from Hot Pink is one of the best pop songs of the decade—featuring a rap and disco beat while talking about wanting to know a man’s true feelings about her. She wants the man to express his true feelings without beating around the bush.

This flirty song is super-relatable to anyone who’s had one-sided feelings for someone and has wanted to know how the other person feels. The groovy beat reminds listeners of R&B music from the 90s, which is made even better with Nicki Minaj’s hard-hitting rhymes.

You Right ft. The Weeknd

This steamy song has a strong R&B beat and is absolutely filled with drama about having an affair. The song’s told in multiple parts as she talks about not wanting to leave her boyfriend, but also wants her lover too much to be able to end things. The song ends with her saying that she’ll stay with her boyfriend no matter how she feels about her lover. The whole thing sounds like a soap opera!

The Weeknd’s vocals blend in effortlessly with hers to create a beautifully addictive sound that you’ll keep wanting more of.

Kiss Me More ft. Sza

This bold song has an R&B, dance, and pop beat that revolves around kissing. The two singers talk about how it feels to kiss their partners—Doja Cat’s madly in love with her man, while Sza’s lover was unfaithful and makes her feel like she can’t breathe, but she keeps giving hope to her lover about being together.

The track is energetic, breezy, and light, and combines an old school vibe perfectly with modern tunes in a way that will have you on the dance floor within seconds.

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