This TikTok User Mashed Up 'WAP' With 'Bop to the Top' From 'High School Musical' & It's Actually Good

Bop bop bop, bop to the top, slip and slide and ride that... "WAP"?

In the most unlikely mashup of all time, TikTok user @kraziibird seamlessly blended Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's raunchy Billboard Hot 100 chart topper with High School Musical's "Bop to the Top," performed by Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel's characters Sharpay and Ryan.

And while the two songs could not be more different, the resulting remix is actually really, really catchy. Megan's iconic "gobble me, swallow me" verse flows perfectly over the bouncy "Bop to the Top" beat.