Wolfgang Van Halen breaks down some tracks from his upcoming debut, eight years in the making

Back in 2013 — fresh from playing bass on what would turn out to be one of Van Halen’s final tours — Wolfgang Van Halen turned his attention to his own music, demoing a song he called “Mammoth,” a nod to one of the early names of his father’s band. “It was the first time I felt like, ‘Yeah, I’m ready to do this,'” Van Halen recalls.

Seven years later, that song is finally coming out on the self-titled debut from Mammoth WVH, his one-man-band. It drops on June 11th.

The album will include 13 tracks, plus a bonus song, “Distance,” the first Mammoth WVH release, which saw viral success late last year with a moving video filled with home-movie footage of Wolfgang’s late dad, Eddie Van Halen. The younger Van Halen played every instrument on the album, creating a highly convincing full-band sound, but put together a touring line-up for live shows, which will debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday.