Zayn: Icarus Falls Album Review

Zayn Malik was formerly a member of the teenage heartthrob musical sensation One Direction. He gave his strong vocals for many of the songs in the four albums they made together.

But since his exit from the band in 2015, Zayn has set on a path to make a mark in the industry. His growth as a person and a singer has enabled him to produce three studio albums worth R&B music. He's also the first of the boys to win an MTV VMA Award.

Zayn's third album, titled "Icarus Falls" is the latest, and vinyl copies are already sold out!

While you wait for the shiny vinyl copy, here's our review of Zayn's Icarus Falls:

- The Concept

Zayn's first album was quick to adopt the R&B persona, and the transition seemed a bit rocky for the boy who'd been used to a characteristic boy-band style of singing for the past five years.

His first album, titled, Mind of Mine, was released in 2016 and instantaneously propelled Malik to the top of the music charts. With his sophomore album Icarus Falls, people have grown to see him as a titular character in the R&B and pop genres of the music world.

- The Tracks

Icarus Falls boasts 27 tracks on the album, with a wide variety of themes in each one. The first track in line, "Let Me", has Malik crooning to a partner to consider him as a potential interest. The next few tracks, such as "Natural" and "Back to Life" keep the upbeat tones with changing vocal elements.

Known for his intense vocal range, Zayn delivers some impressive high notes on tracks such as "Common." Tracks such as "Tonight" and "Flight of the Stars" are easy-going and energetic tunes you can easily dance with.

- The Reception

Icarus Falls was well-received by critics, as it found itself on 61 on Billboard 200 while the UK Albums Chart had it on 77. Malik has a distinct style of singing, with a smooth falsetto and the ability to climb three octaves without straining himself, which enables him to stake a strong claim in the industry for a long time.

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