5 Songs That Can Actually Change Your Life

Many of us tend to look the other way when an opportunity to change and grow presents itself. If you’re all too familiar with self-sabotage, perhaps it’s time for a wake-up call. Artists from time immemorial have been encouraging their listeners to live the life they deserve. Many singers like Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez have dedicated entire albums to mental health and healing.

Sometimes all you need is to listen to a soft tune and thought-provoking lyrics. The following songs will have you re-evaluating your life and inspire change for the better:

Change by Christina Aguilera

This gentle pop tune by Christina Aguilera serves as a timely reminder of the need for social acceptance and change. We often tend to be ignorant and let our own problems eclipse our attention to the plight of others. However, by being mindful of what’s happening around us and showing empathy for others, we can become more proactive people and make a difference in the world.

Living for the City by Stevie Wonder

This song by the great Stevie Wonder is a call to action for positive social change. Through his music, he brings attention to the realities and issues that folks of color experience throughout their lives. What this song really tells us is that if we want to see a change in the world, we have to start with ourselves.

Dust in the Wind by Kansas

While this may not be your typical feel-good tune, the message is empowering. This song will give you a better grasp on the despair of existence, and you’ll realize the value of living in the moment with family and friends. The fact that life has no inherent meaning also implies that you are free to enjoy it any way you want.

Happiness by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s latest album, “Evermore,” includes a track titled “Happiness,” which is an upbeat tale of optimism and determination. In short, the song is about her search for joy after experiencing tragedy. Swift’s optimistic outlook on finding fulfillment after grief is moving. She reassures us that we can feel resentment toward the other person without painting them out to be the villain.

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