5 Essential Songs By The 1975

The 1975 is an English pop-rock band that was created in 2002 and is known for its experimentation with a wide range of genres and lyrics. Their records are packed with one-of-a-kind compositions, and they raise the bar of the rock genre and transform music into auditory art in all of their albums and singles.

Their devoted following has embraced the band's shape-shifting sound and victorious tale: after years of practicing and performing multiple songs, 4 high school friends released a first album that rocketed them to the top of the music charts. Here are some of their notable songs that you must listen to!

1. "Antichrist"

At every event, The 1975's die-hard fans shout for a song in particular—an old tune from the 2013 record collection. The 1975's "Antichrist," a centerpiece of their deluxe edition – Facedown EP, would be that piece. Its lyrics and vocals sound like poetry, and the music is accompanied by an unsettling visual that conveys the single's low-pitched tone.

2. "The 1975"

The 1975's foundation is the famous opener that kicked off the group's debut studio album.This self-titled track appears on all of their album tracks, but the original version is where the vocal that drew so many listeners in the first place was born.

3. "So Far (It's Alright)"

"So Far (It's Alright)" is a track from their debut album deluxe edition that is not valued highly enough which truly represents the band itself.

The lyrics cover family and relationship struggles, boredom, and drug addictions in the most ironically easy-to-sing-along and agreeable chorus that expresses grief that everything's "alright."

4. "Medicine"

The hypnotic 'Medicine' has all you want for a wind-down mood, and it's also not a bit surprising that it'll get you thinking about life's greater lessons and meaning. 'Medicine' defines why music is loved, and the song is simply brilliant.

5. "You"

This love ballad song suited for a teenage romance film is one of The 1975's most daring tracks. The band's talent is on show in "You."It begins slowly and develops to a powerful finish filled with emotional lyrics.

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