The 5 Best Halsey Songs

Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, better known to us all as "Halsey", was catapulted into the mainstream limelight with her 2016 collaboration with The Chainsmokers on "Closer". Still, a lot of people had listened to her deliciously haunting music and surreptitious voice behind video edits on Tumblr.

Her grunge style with neon hair and makeup, ruined mascara, and distressed clothing became a teen favorite, with many modeling their looks after her aesthetic. But what makes her so popular are her luring tunes.

Flickering lights, lots of moving shadows, smoke, dark lipstick, and tears are a few common elements in her music videos, while her lyrics seem to seep right down to your core.

Let's check out five of Halsey's best songs to get you started:

1. Colors

Fans will recognize the sweet smile gracing the distinct jawline of one Tyler Posey in the music video for this song!

The song begins with a mysterious droll, with Halsey's slightly husky voice flooding your ears with her description of the person whose life is deeply intertwined with her own.

The chorus is something that will echo in your ears for a while after, and the twist, in the end, may be a hit-or-miss for many people.

We wish we could pull off a platinum blonde bob so effortlessly, too.

2. Without Me

With an addictive bridge and an equally catchy chorus, this is one of the perfect post-breakup rage songs you could listen to.

This is fitting, as Halsey herself called it a personal song—one which she released under her original name—Ashley.

The lyrics flow easily and feel like they come straight from the soul.

3. Closer

An easy-going, road trip-esque track is what emerges when Halsey's mysterious vocals are mixed with Andrew Taggart's nonchalant ones.

The song is easy to vibe to, has a sing-along chorus, and its music video will hit right in the feels for the one that got away for us.

4. Strangers

Featuring Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui, this song is a must-listen for everyone. Lauren's subtly raspy yet pitched voice mingling with Halsey's dulcet tones works wonderfully with the background synthesizers.

The music video is refreshing too, with a unique take on how estranged partners yearn for one another.

5. Ghost

This is the song that started it all. Halsey's first song, recorded not in the best of conditions, brought the angst in her lyrics to the attention of teens everywhere.

Ghost has two music videos, one where Halsey sports her signature neon wigs and misses her similarly-dressed girlfriend, and another where she carries long bleached hair and overdoses after a fight with her boyfriend.

The song fits in well with both themes, though.

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