The Real Meaning Behind Taylor Swift’s Happiness Lyrics

Breakups are traumatic for many people, and Taylor Swift sure knows how to succinctly convey all the emotions we feel going through a breakup in under two minutes.

Swift went on a break after her 1989 Tour, away from media scrutiny. After a few turbulent years, she's now telling her story her way.

She is proudly narrating her tale of love, heartbreak, betrayal, and recovery with her new albums. The song "Happiness," which features on her new album "evermore," is a tale of hope and perseverance.

We've reviewed Taylor Swift's evermore and broken down the real meaning behind the lyrics of "Happiness." Let's check it out:

- The Verses

The melody is soft, and the progression is slow. Swift's voice is slightly deep and low, owing to the impactful lyrics.

Swift sings about the aftermath of a breakup—the division of possessions, the Polaroid pictures, the memories. The song overall is about her hope for happiness after a traumatic event. She also talks about viewing the relationship from a "canopy," where it's possible to see all the details with much clarity.

The second verse deals with 3 of the 5 Ws: What went wrong? How did they lose their way? And when did things start to fall apart? Swift holds our hands and guides us through certain painful memories for us to heal.

She also tells us that it's okay to feel vengeful about the other person and alludes to a quote from the famous novel "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald when she says, "she'll be a beautiful fool."

The final verse has Swift admit that she's tired. And that the partner wanted to apologize for the bad experience. Forgiveness, on the other hand, is another question for another time.

- The Bridge

 Even though many of us feel rage and want to make the other person the bad guy when things end, Swift reminds us in the bridge by her experience that this isn't worth it. Even though a significant part—7 years—had gone by in the relationship, being bitter isn't good for our own sake.

- The Chorus

Swift's hope for happiness after a wreck is inspiring. She convinces herself, and us, that there will be happiness after grief. She knows that she needs time to recover and be a new person again. And that is our bit of solace, too, knowing that someone does understand what it's like to be lost and then found.

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