Why Adele Is the Best Artist of the Decade

Many people spent their 2010’s either crying to an Adele album or desperately waiting for the newest one to be released. This cycle of satisfaction and anticipation has brought anguish in periods of fallowness—where we’re waiting for something to help make us feel and cry. That’s the true power of Adele’s music.

While there are many other artists who love to leave their fans hanging, something about Adele’s music is just so special. We know we’re waiting for an inevitably delicious, emotional, and beautiful experience with the release of her next album.

Here’s how it all started:

Rolling in the Deep—2010

2010’s charts were full of party-pop songs such as Fat East Movement’s “Like a G6” or Rihanna’s “Only Girl”, making Adele’s single from her second studio album feel like an outlier.

The song arrived in the midst of a girl pop era, but was extremely different than everything around it. This vocals-focused song relies on an emotional catharsis rather than using dance-y beats. Adele described the song as telling an ex-lover to get out instead of begging them to come back.

While the song didn’t reach the Billboard Hot 100 until more than 6 months after its initial release, it was a force to be reckoned with once it did. By the time 2011 ended, Adele’s album had spent 13 weeks at the number one spot. The singer soon won six Grammys in a single night a few months later.


Adele’s album “25” caused absolute hysteria among her fans. Its record-shattering release led it to become the biggest album of the year in 2016, beating the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Drake, and Justin Bieber.

She’s not the artist of the decade due to the numbers alone—her sound, personality, and originality are what led her to become the powerful artist that she is.

Non-traditional music

Adele’s music is unadorned and simple—unparalleled in a world where we’re striving for something new and original. Her discography covers themes such as change, romance, and heartbreak, with her performance in the 2011 VMA’s being notable for its reflective and quiet theme in the midst of chaos.

While she’s a pop artist in every sense of the term, her music has always set her apart from what‘s trending at the time.

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