Producer Jetsonmade Helped Make DaBaby and Jack Harlow Stars, Now He Wants a Grammy and a No. 1

Sometime around the middle of this past November, the 22 year-old producer Tahj Morgan, better known by his moniker Jetsonmade, was talking with his manager about the state of his career.

“I was like, ‘Man, we accomplished everything,’’ he says, recalling his newfound status as a go-to hip-hop producer. That had come thanks to the breakout success of his career-making singles for DaBaby (“Suge” and “Bop”), as well as his work on what would become Roddy Ricch’s career-making album, Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial. “I hit Billboard, I have a Platinum track and I worked with all of the artists I wanted to work with at the time. It was like, ‘S--t, I don’t know what else I want, as far as accomplishing things as a beat producer.’ Then I realized… I don’t have no Grammy.”

With that, he sent off a fateful tweet: “new goal: Grammy.“