Everything You Need To Know About Van Morrison's Latest Record Project

Sir George Ivan Morrison, known by his stage name, Van Morrison, released his 42nd music album at 75. This Northern-Irish songwriter, producer, and singer made out the album during the pandemic lockdown's isolation period. The quarantine period sent Morrison into a trance-link frenzy that drove him to produce and release a long album with 28 tracks.

Latest Record Project is available in disc, CD, vinyl, and digital format for fans to buy online. Van Morrison has been producing music for the past 50 years and has won two Grammy awards. His soulful vocals and beautiful production has allowed him to establish himself as one of the most talented artists in the industry.

Let's look at his recently released music album, Latest Record Project.

Van Morrison's Music

In 1967, Van Morrison signed a contract with a record label company without seeking prior legal advice from his team. The contract obligated him to produce and release an album, and so he released over 30 one-minute repetitive tracks of a seemingly rock & roll genre. Surprisingly, one song, 'Brown-Eyed Girl', was a hit because of its catchy tunes and lyrics. This was the beginning of Morrison's rise to fame.

Among other tracks, 'Scream and Holler', 'Shake and Roll', and 'Here Comes Dumb George' were also well-received by the fans.

Latest Record Project

A few decades later, Morrison has produced and released another album, where all the tracks consisted of endless title repetition. Morrison repeats, "Have you got my Latest Record Project?!" more than 12 times throughout the track.

The repetition throughout the album sounds mystical and trance-like, leaving many customers enraged and demanding a refund.

Track 13 on disc 2, 'Why Are You on Facebook?' sounds similar to the pandemic lockdown on the 2020 internet. Not just that, but most of the 28 tracks on the album sound like a bunch of tweets and Reddit posts rants with jazzy blues progressions.

The entire album is about grievances with a mix of paranoia and fury. Morrison's lyrics fail to convey anything but financial woes and score-settling in most songs.

In 'No Deed Goes Unpunished' he sings, "I got us tickets for the opera/But you complained about the VIP seats" "Everybody's looking for some sign/Meanwhile, everybody's drinking our wine," Morrison continues to rant in 'Double Bind'.  

Although the voice and sax playing in some of the tracks are bearable, the album is more or less an impossible collection of rants.

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