Best Avicii Songs Of All Time

Avicii was born as Tim Bergling in Stockholm, Sweden, around the end of 1980. Unfortunately, the world lost this precious soul way too early due to health issues, but he left his impact on the electronic and dance music scene with his immense skills in creating gorgeous productions with many great pieces that are still trending to this day.

Here are some of Aviciis’ top songs that everyone should listen to at least once:

Wake Me Up

The phenomenal hit “Wake Me Up” was part of the album called True, released in 2012. This well-known song was the first single released from the album and features Aloe Blacc as the main vocalist. This amazing single has been beloved by fans around the world for the past 20 years and hit the number one spot in countries like Germany, France, Sweden, and many more. It peaked at number 4 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

The song is a blend of EDM and country, which feels like it shouldn’t work theoretically, but this artist pulled it off beautifully. Super-catchy, with meaningful lyrics, the song turned Avicii into the genre-bending star that he’s known as today.

Hey Brother

“Hey Brother” is one of Avicii’s lesser-known hit songs, but it deserves a place at the very top. The song features Dan Tyminski’s legendary vocals and talks about how family bonds are impossible to break. The bluesy, country-esque song features a classic build-up that leads into an amazing bass drop, making Tyminski’s bluegrass voice and vocals the perfect.

While the song did witness major commercial success, it’s not quite as well known as “Wake Me Up.”

Fade Into Darkness

“Fade Into Darkness” was released only as a single and features the vocals of Andreas Moe without any credits. This song went back in the artist’s discography and was released even before “Levels.” However, just because he released it before his success doesn’t mean it’s any less incredible. The song talks about how things will be okay because the singer and their significant other have each other, and they believe that their love will never fade.

The sweet lyrics are a great contrast with the catchy and fun beat, and the song deserves to be more well-known.

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