Let’s Talk About Lali’s Second Debut Album ‘Soy’

Lali Esposito, whose real name is Mariana, is a best-selling and award-winning Argentine actress who rose to fame as a pop singer. After opening Katy Perry’s The Prismatic World Tour, Lali issued her second full-length album, Soy, which easily attained the gold status and hit an impressive number 2 in Argentina’s Pop list.

Released in 2016 by Argentina’s branch of Sony Music Entertainment, the follow-up debut studio album received a well-deserved nomination at the 2017 Gardel Awards for Best Female Pop Album.

The beginning of Soy

In an interview with a local Argentinean newspaper in 2015, Lali stated that she’d started working on her second album while she was in the middle of shooting for a tv show—Esperanza mía. The album squeezes in more of a dance and hip-hop genre than her previous work, turning into a wonderful rhythmic creation that makes listeners want to get up and dance, as intended.

What’s the story behind the album?

While the singer is very into gospel and soul music, she wanted to get a stronger handle on hip-hop and dance music since the performance part of her shows is very important to her. According to Lali, the album is named Soy because she felt she was sharing an intimate and personal truth, which came across in the music.

Here’s what we think

The album includes stories that can be felt and seen by people of her age, even if the genres switch wildly from track to track without anything to cushion the fall. However, this provides listeners with a deeper insight into who she is, and that experience is truly valuable. The explosive passages, distorted guitars, and electropop sound are striking and leave listeners wanting more.

The album flows between various genres such as soul, rock, pop, club, and dance, and miraculously, Lali’s voice blends in beautifully with each. However, perhaps due to a limited budget or inexperienced producers, the production quality isn’t up to par compared to other top albums.


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