Drake's New Single 'Toosie Slide' Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

Drake's torrid takeover on TikTok over the last month has people wondering what The Boy might have up his sleeve next, and this week might be his moment to shine. On Tuesday (March 31), Drizzy announced the release date of his upcoming song, titled "Toosie Slide," after watching the song's preview dominate the popular social media app.

"THURSDAY @ MIDNIGHT," he said on Instagram regarding his bubbling record.

Things had really accelerated for Drake when popular social media influencer Toosie played the rapper's forthcoming record as part of his quarantine choreography in a video on Twitter Sunday (March 29). The moves are quite simple, with Drake asking listeners to bring their left foot up before sliding to the right and repeating those same moves on the other side. Since then, momentum has been in Drake's favor with more people feverishly recording their best renditions of the Toosie Slide.