Selena Gomez Songs Ranked –Our Top Picks

Whether or not you share the same opinion, Selena Gomez will probably go down as the queen of the streaming era. Gomez’s roles over the years have established her as a bulletproof force when it comes to dance-pop music. From the tropical, chill-pop symphony of We Don’t Talk Anymore” to the trap-pop sounds of “Fetish,” she’s gathered more than 10 billion streams on music streaming platforms such as Spotify alone.

Here are some of her best songs over the years:

#1 Hands To Myself

Gomez has made waves in the music world with the third single on ‘Revival,’ “Hands To Myself,” which is co-produced by Max Martin—a legend in the pop industry. The track features a minimalistic form of production that makes use of Gomez’s gorgeous vocal delivery, where the singer herself has described it as her best song on the album.

#2 Bad Liar

“Bad Liar” has stood out with its bare production, which is uncommon for popstars as big as Selena Gomez. The rumbling baselines sample “Psycho Killer” by the Talking Heads, with Gomez successfully delivering her signature pop with a snappy beat. Her icy delivery didn’t go as high on the charts as we expected, but it’s definitely something that fans can appreciate due to its songwriting and catchy tune.

#3 Lose You To Love Me

Gomez’s first ever No. 1 single to reach the Hot 100 was at the top for a reason—the long-awaited song reconnected Gomez with her fans through the most vulnerable track that she’s ever released. Written together by Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter and accompanied by Finneas O’Connell’s production, the song has been Gomez’s ultimate gift to her fans after her silence on the tabloids.

#4 Come And Get It

Gomez’s solo career got kicked off with an absolute banger in the form of this Top 10 entry on the Billboard 100—“Come & Get It.” It’s infused with Bhangra elements, with plenty of catchy tunes that are perfect for a night of clubbing. While the song’s message doesn’t really resonate with Gomez today, it’s a fan favorite due to its incredible electro-pop bop.

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